100% total transparency as always! Publicly viewable 24/7. This page is updated frequently, up and until all the Operating Expenses have been paid in full, usually about a month after the Fair. Check back for updated amounts, thanks.

Incoming monies: Donors, Sponsors, and amounts received for 2017:
(Donors receive an anonymous unique donor number listed below)(Sponsors receive a unique donor number listed below and logo placement - see sponsor request letter for details or contact The Fair, thanks!)


$1,515.66* seed money 2016 5th annual 2016 (formerly known as) hpFAF

Operating Expenses Estimate for 2017 = $6194.39 (see itemized list below*)

- $1,215.11 SEED MONEY from 2016 (see 2016 Budget Note)
- $1211.82 paid Artist booth fees (with pay pal fees accounted for)
- $ 0 Sponsors & Donors
$*2,426.93 money raised towards $6194.39 goal (*updated as bills are tallied and paid)

*2017 6th Annual Fine Art Fair Budget**:
*Portion of Booth Fees given to Detroit Promise Zone Fund?
Donation to Congregation of Every 1 (for Homeless) from Prize Wheel proceeds?
$200 Marketing/Promotion ($200 Static Network & Records, Inc.)
$125 Office supplies Ink for Flyers, badges, maps, event day of direction lists.
5,000 postcards, 200 posters $424
Advertising $1,560.00
$91.16 temporary fencing ($64 for 147' fencing + $22 fence post driver)
Security $800
Musical Performers $550
Hospitality for staff?
Yearly Web hosting and domain renewal $117.25
Stage Manager/MC $200
Stage/soundmen $450
*Beer kegs & equipment rental: $1025
Artist Badge holders & Lanyards - $51.98
Insurance $600
*Operating Expenses Estimate for 2017**subject to change as final bills are tallied - usually by October 2017 (if possible, all bills must be charged AND paid for tally to be known)